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Youth & Young Adult Ministry

Our Mission

The Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministry serves those who connect youth and young adults with Jesus Christ, each other, the Church and its mission.  We provide resources, training, formation and programs for ministry with younger and older adolescents and young adults. We help parishes and other faith communities develop comprehensive approaches to these ministries. We support church leadership in engaging faith communities as they respond to the needs and include the gifts of youth and young adults.  

Upcoming Events

All upcoming programs and events are suspended due to COVID-19 and the reductions to the Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministry staff. Please continue to watch this page, as well as our department Facebook page for more updates and information. 

If you have questions or are looking for support as you strive to minister to young people duing this difficult time, contact us, and we will be happy to work with you. 


Department of Youth & Young Adult Ministry

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