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Youth Ministry Awards Banquet

Please Join Us

November 3, 2017
Lucarelli's Banquet Center
1830 Abbott Road, Lackawanna 

The Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministry invites you to join Bishop Malone for a celebration of the gifts teens and adults bring to youth ministry across our diocese! 

Celebrate the work of those who make your ministry thrive and share the joy of other parishes!

Why Give Awards in Youth Ministry?

  • Awards recognize people for the good work that they do!

  • Awards can help the parish pay attention to what is happening in youth ministry

  • Awards are a tangible reminder of the commitment that an individual has made to their faith community!

  • Awards help people to feel good about their abilities!

  • Awards help people to stay motivated!

  • Awards help people continue in their desire to excel!

Who Should I Nominate?

The Youth Ministry Awards Banquet is an opportunity to recognize teens and adult for their contributions to the life of your parish community. Consider honoring core team members, peer ministers, catechists, coaches, scout leaders, or other volunteers in your parish. This is an opportunity to celebrate the faith, love, and dedication of all those who work to build God's kingdom! 

The Discipleship Awards will be presented to young people (current high school students) who are enthusiastic supporters of their parish's ministry with youth.

The Companions on the Journey Awards will be presented to adults who are active with and support their parish's ministry with young people in youth groups, religious education, scouting and countless other ministries.

Award Nomination Process 

Every parish may choose one young person and one adult (or married couple) to receive special recognition from the Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministry. This event is a celebration of youth ministry and provides parishes the platform to publicly recognize the gifts of young people and the adults who guide them in their faith journey.

Nominations may be submitted online or by mail. If you are submitting your nomination online, please be sure that you have the approval of the pastor and youth minister BEFORE beginning the form.

Award Nomination Criteria

Online Award Nomination Form

PDF Nomination Form

The awards presented are one-time-only awards.  If you would like to check to see if the individuals you would like to recognize have already received the awards, please contact Diane Ruminski.   

The Venerable Nelson Baker Award will be presented to Rev. Peter J. Karalus for his dedication in support and advocacy for youth and youth ministry. Congratulations, Fr. Peter!

Join us for the celebration! 

The Youth Ministry Award Banquet is an opportunity to celebrate the good work in your parish and share in the joy of other parishes! Pastors, parish, youth ministers, DREs, teens, family members, and others from your parish community are invited and encouraged to attend! 

Youth Ministry Awards Banquet Reservation Form

Youth Ministry Celebration

If there is a "Good News" story from your parish or a particular young person to be shared as a way of showcasing the gifts and spirit of youth, please contact us at 716-847-8789.