Trip Details

Safety and Security

The State Department issued a summer travel alert for Europe, which specifically mentions World Youth Day in addition to other events. The full text of the State Department Travel Alert is available here. we encourage each of you to read the alert in its entirety. 

Bishop Malone and his brother bishops are aware that some may be concerned about this alert, but want to remind us that these alerts are issued even when there is no specific threat. At this point, no specific threat has been made against Poland or World Youth Day. Bishop Malone assures us there are no plans for any Dioceses from the United States to cancel their pilgrimages at this time.  We will keep you informed as new details emerge.

We also encourage you to enroll in the State Department's Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).  Doing so will keep you up to date with important safety and security announcements.  It will also help your friends and family get in touch with you in an emergency. Enroll in the program by clicking here.

Departure Information

We will depart from Our Lady of Victory Basilica, Lackawanna. Bishop Malone will celebrate Mass with us at 1:30 PM and we will board busses after Mass. Please arrive by 1:15 PM. Family and friends are welcome to join us for Mass.

We encourage pilgrims to carpool or get dropped off at the Basilica. A limited number of parking spaces will be available. If you need to leave a car at the Basilica, please let us know. 

Flight Details

Our entire Diocesan group will travel on the same flight to and from Poland. 

LOT Flight 046 will depart Toronto at 9:55 PM on July 22nd and land in Krakow at 12:20 PM (6:20 AM Eastern time)

LOT Airlines Flight 045 will depart Krakow at 5:05 PM (11:05 AM) on August 2nd and land in Toronto at 8:05 PM.

Our estimated return time to Our Lady of Victory will be between 11:30 PM and midnight, depending on Canadian and US Customs traffic. Please arrange for pickup at that time.

Packing List

Click here to download the first draft of our packing list, which also include luggage information. If you have suggestions of things to add to the packing list, please contact us. 


An updated version of the itinerary is available here. Consider printing a copy out to bring with you or leave at home. As always, the itinerary is subject to change.