Ministering to Young Adults

We are so glad your parish wants to intentionally outreach and minister to young adults! Since young adulthood encompasses many stages and groups, it is best to focus on one specific segment of young adults. Knowing your parish and surrounding community, you could possibly narrow in on...


  •  Recent High School Graduates - this strategy works best with parishes that are already engaging with teens post Confirmation, as this group is difficult to reach if you have been disconnected for several years.
  • College Students - do you have a lot of students in your community (think both commuter as well as those living on a nearby campus)? Do you want to intentionally welcome back college students on breaks and during the summer? For more information on how to minister to College Students, please consult with this page Engaging Catholic College Students
  • Young Professionals - perhaps your parish would like to help form community for those in their 20s & 30s, who are in the workforce or job seeking.
  • Young Married Couples/Those Preparing for Marriage - beyond the requirements for pre-Cana, this could be an opportunity in your community to more deeply engage with young adults just beginning to navigate family life. Does your parish have a lot of weddings or see a lot of couples through pre-Cana? 
  • Young Parents - is your parish in a community with a lot of young families and children, who may or may not be involved in church? There are several strategies for reaching this audience.
  • Other - Think beyond your parish walls. Is there a section of young adults in your neighborhood that your parish could reach?
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