2018 Synod of Bishops

The Church's next Synod will be on the topic of "Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment."  While this synod will not convene in Rome until October 2018, the time of preparation is NOW!  There are opportunities for both adult ministry leaders (pastors, principals, campus ministers, lay parish ministers, etc.) and young people (ages 16-29) to share insights on this topic. We encourage ALL young people and all ministry leaders to make their voices heard!


Some people might hear the words "Vocational Discernment" and think that the topic is all about how to encourage more youth to choose religious vocations.  That is ONE element reflected in the preparatory document, but the focus is on the "vocation to love" as it finds expression in states of life, professions, social and civil commitment, lifestyle, the management of time and money, etc.  and how to help young people discern these choices in the light of faith.  In short, the Preparatory Document makes it clear that this synod is all about how we - as the Church, and as individuals IN the Church - help young people (ages 16-29) navigate this challenging time of transition in their lives.  It's about all aspects of our ministry. 


For Ministry Leaders

All adults who work with young people ages 16-29 are invited to provide written feedback via the Synod Questionnaire.  Please submit this completed questionnaire by June 30.


For Young People ages 16-29

ALL young people - regardless of background:  Catholic or not, involved in church or not - are encouraged to complete the Vatican Synod Questionnaire.  This 53 question survey should take 20-30 minutes to complete.  Ministry leaders are asked to help spread the word to young people you know, and ask them to invite their friends to take the survey!


Additional materials:

You may wish to read the Preparatory Document for the synod or visit the official Synod website.