Convention Small Groups


Small Group Facilitators: 

Teens and Junior Advisors are needed to serve as small group facilitators.  Training and facilitation materials are provided.

During the Convention, young people have a chance to meet others and have meaningful conversations through Small Group Time.  Each teen attending the Convention is assigned to a random small group.  We hope this will give everyone a chance to meet a few new friends!  Groups meet four times during the course of the Convention weekend:

  • Friday night
  • Saturday morning
  • Saturday afternoon
  • Sunday afternoon before the Closing Mass

To make this Small Group Time a success, we need approximately 60 young people to serve as Small Group Facilitators.  Will you be one of them?

Your role as a small group leader would include:

  • encouraging discussion among group members
  • using icebreakers and games to form bonds
  • engaging in and leading discussion that may lead to the sharing of personal stories
  • creating a positive and safe environment

If you want to be a Small Group Facilitator, you must attend the Convention for the whole weekend,and attend one of the training sessions that will be offered in February.  Dates, times and locations of the trainings will be announced in December.  

If you have any questions about being a Small Group Facilitator, please contact Kathy Goller via email (or call her at 716-847-8789).