Office of Financial Administration

The primary purpose of the Finance Department is to record the financial activities of all entities under the control of the Central Administrative Offices of the diocese and to provide the bishop, chancellor, and finance council with information necessary to ensure the financial stability of the diocese. Through the annual budget process, the finance department, under the direction of the finance council, recommends program priorities in view of the resources available.

For parish and school budget preparation please go to Internal Audit. For additional instructions and documentation please go to the Parish & School Resource portal

Financial Statements as of August 31, 2022 and Supplemental Schedules for the Year Ended August 31, 2022 together with Independent Auditor’s Report: Download here.


Past Financial Reports

Financial Report for 2020

A letter to the diocesan family from Bishop Michael W. Fisher and highlights of the 2020 audited financial statement can be viewed here (PDF).

Payroll Administration

For questions regarding payroll or unemployment benefit please contact the Office of Payroll at (716) 847-5599 or

NY Worker’s Compensation Direct Deposit Form

Internal Audit

Internal auditing assists parishes, schools, and diocesan departments with:

1. Protecting financial assets
2. Providing financial reporting
3. Complying with diocesan policies, civil laws and regulations.

Diocesan Finance Council

Members of the finance council are appointed for five years, but at the end of said period they can be appointed for other five-year terms.

James J. Beardi

Ex officio: Rev. Peter J. Karalus, V.G.;

Members: Rev. Msgr. Angelo M. Caligiuri; Rev. Walter P. Grabowski; Rev. Louis S. Klein, Rev. Adolph M. Kowalczyk; Rev. Msgr. Frederick D. Leising; Rev. Msgr. Robert E. Zapfel; Marco F. Benedetti; Carrie B. Frank; Karen L. Howard; Joseph F. Kapsiak; Maureen Ludwig; Rev. Leon J. Biernat; Rodney I. Richardson.


For General Questions:

Melissa Cumming
(716) 847-5571
Fax: (716) 847-5557

Ellen Musialowski

Executive Director of Financial Administration

Phone: (716) 847-5500
Fax: (716) 847-5557