Internal Audit

Phone: (716) 847-5572
Fax: (716) 847-5557

Internal auditing assists parishes, schools, and diocesan departments with:


  1. Protecting financial assets
  2. Providing financial reporting
  3. Complying with diocesan policies, civil laws and regulations.


Employee Directory


Phone Number

Email Address

Beth Pericozzi, Internal Auditor

(716) 847-5584

Carol Daruszka, Administrative Assistant

(716) 847-5572


Best Parish Practices

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Newsletters (PDFs):

- Tamper Evident Bags  
- Control Log
- Parish Ushers
- Count Teams
- Tally Sheets
- Recording Contributions
- Final Review
Other Cash Receipts

Parish Fundraising Events
- General & Before Event
- During Event
- After Event
Cash Disbursements
Payroll & Tax Matters
Computer Safeguards
Auxiliary Organizations

  Year-End Financial Report