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Catholic Charities

Helping those in need throughout Western New York for more than 96 years. Empowering individuals, children and families to achieve and maintain meaningful, healthy and productive lives. We advocate for those in need – particularly those who are poor and most vulnerable. Reach out to us, today.

Inclusion for People with Disabilities

A parish fills its mission when Christ reveals His compassion with all people, and in particular those with physical, mental or emotional difficulties. We place a priority on inclusive communities where all are welcome to participate, grow in the faith and serve God’s people.

Diocesan Social Service Map

The Diocesan Social Services Map is a comprehensive resource listing social service ministries and programs offered by Diocese of Buffalo parishes and other Catholic-related organizations. If the parish wishes to either place a new submission or update an existing submission onto the Diocesan Social Services Map, please fill out the following form and complete as indicated. Please be as thorough as possible.

Other Social Services

Catholic Charities Services

Emergency Assistance
Individual Children Family Counseling
Food Pantries

National Catholic Organizations

Local Catholic Organizations

Serving Others

The generosity and dedication of a volunteer has the potential to create lasting positive effects in the lives of those we serve.