The Catholic Directory for the Diocese of Buffalo

is now available as a free, digital PDF document

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Updates to the Directory (including changes, corrections, additions, deletions) are performed monthly.

If you printed a copy of the Directory, a list of corrections and updated pages by month is available HERE at the bottom of this page.

Visit if you are looking church and parish locations as well as updated worship and liturgical schedules. All times are checked and updated periodically by the Diocese.


The Catholic Directory for the Diocese of Buffalo is best viewed using Adobe Reader available here. If the Navigation sidebar to the left of the document is not visible, right-click on the document and choose "Show Navigation Pane Buttons" which allow you to view either thumbnails of pages in the Directory or a list of bookmarks for the various sections. The Directory is also completely searchable. In Adobe Reader choose the search icon in the left menu sidebar, "Find" or "Advanced Search" in the Edit drop-down menu, or use Ctrl+F (Right-click\Find).

On tablets and mobile devices the Directory should open in most apps used to view PDF documents, including Adobe Reader mobile apps, web browsers, Kindle or Kindle apps, iBooks (Apple) and Polaris Office (Android) to name a few.

To print a complete Directory (when viewing in Adobe Reader): Be sure to choose "Booklet" under Page Sizing and Handling in the print dialogue as well as "Both Sides" in the Booklet subset dropdown menu. Also make sure the orientation is set to "Portrait" and "Print in greyscale (black and white)" is checked to save ink. The pages can then be cut in half and folded over to create a booklet that will fit in a standard 3-ring binder for 5.5" by 8.5" pages. Click the thumbnail below to see these settings:

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PLEASE NOTE: The above settings and instructions are for using the PRINT DIALOGUE IN ADOBE READER. We recommend using these settings and NOT the default settings in your standard print dialogue/properties menu.


Right-click on this link to save an alternate version of the Directory, arranged to be printed with 4 pages back-to-back (2-sided) horizontally on standard 8.5"x11" paper. The folded, punched sheets will fit in a standard 3-ring binder for 5.5" by 8.5" pages

1) Print the Directory from Adobe Reader with the following options selected: print All Pages, check "Actual Size", check "Print on both sides of paper", check "Flip on short edge", check "Auto" or "Landscape" for Orientation. (click on pictures below for larger versions)

2) Each sheet will have 4 pages, 2 per side to be folded in half

Pinted pages

3) Fold each sheet and punch holes on the folded side

Folded sheets

4) Insert sheets in a standard 3-ring binder for 5.5" by 8.5" pages

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UPDATED PAGES LIST (to print/replace changed, corrected or updated pages)

  • February 2017 
  • March 2017
  • April 2017
  • May 2017
  • June 2017
  • July 2017
  • August 2017
  • September 2017
  • October 2017
  • November 2017 (there will be no update due to forthcoming 2018 major update)