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Lackawanna - The Larger Story

The discovery of an alleged "sleeper cell" in Lackawanna with reported ties to al-Qaida has shaken all of us to our socks. Of course much more work has to be done and clarifications have to be made before we can draw definitive conclusions on Lackawanna ties with terrorism.

Memories a Year Later

Most of us will never forget where we were when the reports came of the horrific attacks on September 11, 2001. I was attending a meeting of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Administrative Committee in Washington, D.C.

World Youth Day 2002

I am writing this message midst the joy and excitement of World Youth Day 2002. Yes, I am in Toronto with all our wonderful delegation from the Diocese of Buffalo. Because of publishing deadlines I am sending these thoughts on now, before this magnificent event concludes.

The Bishops in Dallas

No question about it, the meeting of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in Dallas from June 13 to 15 was a landmark event. The attention it attracted was unprecedented, and its results will be discussed and acted upon for a long time to come.

Moving Forward

The priesthood goes on, the Church goes on, we all go on.

A Holier Church

The recent meeting hosted by our Holy Father Pope John Paul II for American Cardinals and Bishops, as well as for Vatican officials, was an historic occasion. On the matter of clergy sexual abuse of minors, labeled by our Holy Father as "a crime and an appalling sin," it raised an already acute sensitivity to an even higher level.

A Sense of Perspective

At the beginning of Saint Ignatius' classic "Spiritual Exercises," retreatants are asked to meditate on sinfulness in the created world. Immediately after, there is a colloquy in which we focus on the crucified Christ.

Lent - Season of High Purpose

September 11, 2001 was a jolt. The horrific intrusion into everyday life stirred us instinctively to prayer: prayer by ourselves, prayer with others. Religious services and civic observances drew large crowds. Participation in the Masses on weekends shot up. Those with a merely secular outlook said that people simply wanted to be together.

New Year Resolve

It is often said that resolutions are made to be broken. That statement is often not true.

A Time for More

Happy New Year! No, you don't have to check the bottom of the page for the date. This is the December issue, and December 2nd is the First Sunday of Advent, the beginning of the Church year.

Renewed Commitment

The villainous attacks of September 11th and the subsequent chemical atrocities continue to threaten our national and personal bearings. They have unmasked faces of evil in our world. At the same time they have provoked action, and our prayers are with our government leaders for the decisions they must make: diplomatic, political, economic, decisions on humanitarian aid, and decisions on military force.

Service Multiplied and Blessed

The September edition of the Western New York Catholic carries a special section describing the various services provided in the Diocese of Buffalo. It is an impressive array: pastoral, educational, health care, and social services. Institutions, programs, and activities are highlighted, but in every instance the story is about people, people who lead, people who serve, people who are served, people who support.

Embryonic Stem Cell Research

We are happy President Bush did not authorize or call for the authorization of federal funds to destroy human embryos. At the same time, we are very concerned in his call for funding of stem cell research, looking at the 60 to 69 stem cell lines that exist today, because these embryos were destroyed. You do not get stem cells from human embryos unless you destroy them.

Casino Gambling

Discussions and debate about casino gambling have been going on for decades in New York State. In recent weeks, nonetheless, announcements and rumors about legalizing casino gambling in Western New York appear to be running ahead of and short circuiting necessary discussion.

50th Anniversary Homily

The psalmist, David, reminds us that "Our life lasts for seventy years, eighty with good health." In all honesty, as I pray these words of the 90th Psalm, they take on a new meaning and added significance each day for me personally, especially on a day like today as I praise and thank God for the privilege of serving His Church for 50 years as a priest, and 25 years as a bishop.

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